He’s useless in a hospital!

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When asked by an interviewer to describe herself in 5 words, Davis replied with “I am just too much!”

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The defining moment of television for me 

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The stars are ageless » Bette Davis

“There have been other great actresses, but no one could ever touch her, and no one else ever will.” -Lauren Bacall

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[on the beginning of her career] I had huge expectations. You start out with big dreams and I mean, big dreams artistically. You want to work with the greatest living directors, make a great movie. I wanted to make a great love story, I wanted to make a great epic and then you realise that the truth of it is that it’s so hard to make a great film. It’s hard to get a great role. Those big expectations change to realism pretty quickly. But what’s never changed is my desire to work with great directors and to find projects that push me out of my comfort zone and keep me alive. I still don’t think I’ve done my best work.
Happy 47th Birthday, Nicole Mary Kidman! (June 20, 1967)
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Jisbon-The Mentalist 

I love you… <3

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raise your hand if you’re kinda sorta totally in love with Patrick Jane

[raises both hands and some extras from random strangers]


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The Mentalist fandom right now



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